15 Oct

Ooze Beauty and Elegance with Tape Hair Extensions

Most women have thought of getting extensions applied to their hair, extensions are very popular in the modern cosmetic world. If you want to look different, unique, and elegant then try extensions. Celebrities have changed the perception about extensions; changing hairstyle plays a vital role on how you look more than just adding pieces of jewelry. You can have short curly hair today and tomorrow get a long flawless extensions , there are numerous types of extensions , before making any selection it is imperative that you now the best type and how to get it done. Tape extensions are different from the regular extensions because they use flat double-sided tape instead of several clips as it is in the regular extensions. This type of extension is very convenient because it can be easily removed and reattached; moreover, it is a favorite to many women because you do not require the help of a specialist to attach it, however in some cases for best results using the services of one is important. The user can add length and volume to the hairlines in the privacy of their homes; moreover, you can use hair regimens and wash the hair without worrying about wearing off of the hair extensions.

Tape hair extensions can last for one to two months before they require being re-tapped; there are two techniques of re-tapping. The first one is sandwich approach, in this technique a section of the hair is brushed off before attaching the tape on top and then underneath thereby sandwiching the hair in between. For people with fine or thin hair this is the best method to use, moreover the tape hair extensions come in different colors and shades so you can never miss one that matches your hair perfectly. The second technique for fixing taped hair extensions is the single application, this is the simplest and there is no need for workaround, here the user takes a section of the hair and fix the extension on top of it. However, for first timers it is important that you get the services of a specialist for the best service and look; it is recommended that you go for a double tape for an enhanced hold. The main reason why extensions are popular today is that they are easy to apply and can last for long; the extensions can be applied in as little time as 30-60 minutes. It is fun and elegant to put on taped extensions and you can get away from boring regular hairstyle.

7 Oct

Clip in hair extensions


Clip on hair extensions have proved to be the modern trendy faster and cheap way to get a natural versatile appealing look without having to worry about the condition of your hair. They transform your hair by adding volume, length, thickness and color in just a few minutes.



The clip in hair extensions are considered healthier than the traditional glue-in permanent extensions because they don’t cause any damage to the hair. They simply use pressure sensitive clips to stick to the hair.

The Clip in hair extensions are generally cheap considering that they save you time and money that could otherwise be spend on regular visits to the salon having your hair attended to. They are designed to last a considerably longer time with minimal maintenance in comparison to the permanent methods.

With the simple pressure sensitive clips placed on your hair, the clip in hair extensions are very comfortable when worn. The fact that they are very light in weight also enhances the comfort and versatility. The clip on hair extensions comes in variety of colors for everyone and sizes to suit all hair sizes; long, short or medium.


Choosing clip on hair extensions

When choosing clip in extensions you should to consider how you wear your hair most often. It is advisable that you choose a texture of an extension that is close to your own natural hair texture. If your hair is curly or you like changing your hair style, it is wise to choose an extension made of human hair since it can be styled to match any curl pattern.


Wearing clip in hair extensions

The hair extensions clip in procedure is much easier. You don’t need to be assisted by anybody to wear them. Just follow these simple steps when you want to have them on your hair; start by creating a U-shaped track in your hair at the back of your head from ear to ear using either a comb or your index fingers. Then snap open each of the clips an extension weft and place them carefully along the U-shaped track. Once they are all aligned, snap shut the clips. When all your clips are bound on the hair, make another track and add in another weft following the same procedure above. When all the back side of you head is filled, you can use the single clip pieces to fill in the sides and there you will have that gorgeous look of long thick hair in just a few minutes.



Clip on hair extensions are the number one option for adding a natural look to your hair, they are people’s preference because they function for all hair styles and sizes.



The Amazon Link to clip in hair extensions


3 Oct

Burberry Shoes for Men, Women and Kids

Burberry has been in operation since 1856 and they design fashion labels for everything up to and including iPod cases but we all know one of the most outstanding pieces out of Burberry are their shoes and handbags. Their shoes especially cut across all ages, functions and purposes so that you can buy casual, trainers up to official shoes for children, women and men!

Burberry designs are equally famous for their unique, distinct and well-presented check prints. Horeseferry is a classic check that has a beige color, Burberry Equestrian Knight, Haymarket is a classic check with a red Burberry Equestrian Knight, house is also a classic check but it has no Burberry Equestrian Knight.

Nova is a newer and bigger check pattern with a tan background and black, pink and red horizontal and vertical stripes, Supernova is a replica of the nova but way larger, Exploded is a check usually check in metallic colours. Smoked is also another classic check but in darker colour shades with no Equestrian knight while the Beat is a classic check in monochrome (black and white).

All these checks can be found incorporated into various Burberry shoe designs regardless of the targeted age or gender group market targeted. Common types of shoes that Burberry designs for women include: ballet flats, wedges, strappy heels, boots, sandals and prorsum shoes.

For men, there are sneakers, boots, trainers and loafers. Children both male and female can have these shoes in almost every type of shoe wear imaginable, from sneakers, loafers and trainers up to ballet flats and sandals.

Burberry shoes can be purchased easily from various portals such as their official website: www.burberry.com. However, this is not the only outlet as other online portal such as amazon can offer the same services as well as reviews of the same product you want.

On the plus side, such shoes are very fashion forward and can be blended into any fashion sense or fashion spirit. The edgier people have various combinations of colours, fabric and patterns to choose from while the more reserved persons have just about the calmest yet stylish shoe color palettes to comfortably pick from.

Not to mention functionality, these shoes can comfortably be worn to garden weddings, parties, picnics, high end events and even to work. They blend in and even compliment most if not all outfits. This only makes it clear Burberry shoes are definitely the shoes to rock with their splash of colour, design and texture.

29 Sep

Burberry Handbags: An Essential for the Quintessential Fashionista

In the world of fashion, few brands define luxury like Burberry does. This 159 year old British fashion house selling everything from clothes to cosmetics to bags stands heads and shoulders above other brands in its niche segment. Even though its distinctive checked pattern has become instantly recognizable with the brand, the wide range of other designs that the brand offers are an equally compelling buy.

Among its plethora of merchandise, Burberry handbags have become an essential for the quintessential fashionista to have. From the standard check bags and clutches to the exclusive Prorsum bags of which only a few units are made, having a Burberry handbag on you is bound to turn heads. From the petite Canter bag to the more spacious Hobo bag, there is a Burberry handbag for every occasion. Burberry offers shoulder bags, tote bags, clutches and crossbody bags, bowling bags and backpacks. Burberry shoulder bags are available in a wide range of designs such as animal print, the classic in house check, suede, the ashby and the canter.

Apart from these designs, there are multiple colors to match with any outfit you have. The rough and tough Tote bags are a must have for someone who like their bags to be spacious, comfortable and capable of holding up with some rough use. Tote bags are ideal when you go shopping. For someone who does not like to carry weight and on occasions when carrying just the bare essentials is enough, Burberry has its range of clutches and crossbody bags for you. Just enough to carry a drivers licence, a credit card, a cell phone and maybe minimal makeup, these bags fit snugly with any outfit and are as minimalist as it can get.

For the jet packing woman who hops from one meeting to another, no bags is more comfortable and useful than the bowling bags. Quiet enough for all necessities and some more, bowling bags stand out without being overpowering. They go well with almost any formal outfit and require almost no maintenance. For that day trip that is around the corner which requires a bag to fit in a change of clothes and more, Burberry has the perfect answer in its range of backpacks. Available in multiple designs and colors, they are easy on your shoulders and pleasing to your eyes.

Over the last century, Burberry has established itself as the foremost of the niche fashion brands. By possessing a Burberry, you are not just possessing a expensive piece of cloth, but you become a part of a 159 year old heritage which continues to go from strength to strength even today.

4 Aug

Why You Should Be Using a Boar Bristle Brush

What are Boar Bristle Brushes?

Women have been using boar bristles since the 1800s, and were a must have item for women around the world throughout the twentieth century. They were vital to the elegant and glamorous hairstyles of many famous Hollywood icons, such as Lauren Bacall, Rita Hayworth, and Katherine Hepburn. You could find a boar bristle brush on almost every woman’s dressing table. Boar bristle brushes are made from the hairs of boar, which are a species of hog. Most boar bristles brushes are made from hairs extracted from either domesticated or farm-raised boars. Boar bristle brushes are long lasting, and durable, but have faded out of popularity in the modern beauty world. But there are many reasons why we need to bring it back into our daily routines.

Why Boar Bristle Brushes?

  1. They are natural hair conditioners

Boar bristle brushes can naturally boost hair shine and texture, without using additional hair products. This is because boar bristles contain the oil sebum, which your scalp makes naturally to repair dry hair and add shine to your hair. Boar bristle brushes have this oil inside of the bristles, which can spread the sebum oil throughout your hair, delivering benefits to all parts of your hair.

  1. They improve the texture of your hair

Boar bristles can naturally add bounce, volume, and shine to your hair without the damaging effects of hair care products and serums. They can also make your curly hair easier to handle and style, by loosening the curls.

  1. They can reduce the frizz in your hair

The sebum oil that boar bristles are naturally full of can also help tame the frizz in your hair. The complete lubrication of sebum oil throughout your hair can dramatically reduce the amount of frizz in your hair

  1. They can reduce the need for additional hair styling products

Because boar bristle brushes can help condition, volumize, shine, and texturize your hair without needing the additional aid of conditioners, serums, and hair styling products. It is an all in one tool that can greatly reduce your daily hair beauty routine. You will not need leave in conditioners, or hair serums any longer if you begin to use the boar bristles brush.

  1. They are environmentally friendly

By changing your beauty hair routine to use a boar bristle brush, you will be saving yourself from using possibly damaging chemicals and synthetic products. Boar bristle brushes are all natural, and do not have any additives. They are long lasting, and when taken care of can often last a lifetime. If you do decide to throw your boar bristle brush, they are biodegradable, and will not harm the environment.

After considering the benefits of using a boar bristle brush, the question no longer becomes why should you use a boar bristle brush, but why are you not using one already? Go out and find one today, and transform your daily hair beauty regime into a simpler, more effective process.

4 Aug

What are the Best Hair Brushes in the Market today?

Let’s face it, choosing the right hairbrush for your hair is hard.

One of the most basic tools in anyone’s beauty regimen is their hairbrush. Most of us think of as a ubiquitous item, and one that does not require much thought. But that is not true. It is important to find a brush that will work best with your style, and type of hair, whether it is long or short, fine or thick, and curly or straight.  There are hundreds of brushes on the market, both in stores and online, and they all have a wide variety of price points. With all of these options, finding the right one for you can seem like a daunting task. The editors of the Huffington Post recently wrote an article detailing their favorite brushes, and why they like them. But are they really worth it for you?

How do the Huffington Post’s favorite brushes really stack up?

The first brush is the Denman D5 Heavyweight 9 Row Brush. It costs around $20, and is aimed for people who have thick or curly hair. It has a strong durable handle that can withstand more vigorous use to detangle and manage thick and curly hair. It is made from nylon pins with comfortable rounded ends, which prevents damaging your hair. The pins rest upon an antistatic rubber pad that prevents frizz and static.

The next brush is the Conair Paddle Brush. It costs only around $10, making it the cheapest option in our list. It is a basic, everyday brush. It works best for those with long or medium length hair. It has a cushion base for easy brushing, and works as a gentle detangler.

Our next brush is the Mason Pearson Pocket Bristle B4. It is the most expensive brush on our list at $88. It is a boar bristle brush that is perfect for keeping fine hair, and short hair conditioned, volumized, and shiny. It can keep the static and frizz out of your hair with its natural sebum oil.

Our final brush to compare is the Marilyn Teaser Brush. It costs $16, and is an affordable boar bristle brush option. It has been featured on television shows like The Rachel Ray show, and has many rave reviews. It has a long handle for ease and comfortable use. For anyone looking for a teasing brush, this one is just for you, at an affordable price.

So, what does all of this mean?

If anything, this article will show you that each type of brush will deliver different results depending on the type of hair that you have. And that is does not matter if you buy an $80 brush, or a $10 brush, it depends on what will extract the best results from your hair. Most brushes come with a description which will tell you what kind of hair it will work best with, and it is good to follow these descriptions. The editors of the Huffington Post have provided a list of excellent brushes from which you can begin your search, and hopefully this article has shown you why these brushes work for each type of hair. Click if you want to see the complete list of Huffington Post’s favorite brushes.

4 Aug

A Little about Nail Grooming

If you are someone who values their image, you may like to keep everything in tip-top shape, from your hair to the toenails.  At one point or another, you may have obsessed about your nails (if you are like me). And when it comes to the nails, the cuticles must also be maintained. Perhaps you have probably wondered if there is an effective cuticle protection solution out there.

What the Cuticle Oil Does

One of the most useful “nail-care” solutions out there is cuticle oil, which keeps the skin around the fingers looking fresh and healthy. Most people who have tried using cuticle care products have never looked back.

Using Cuticle Oil

It is quite frustrating to go back to dry, brittle fingers and delicate cuticles after doing some manicures on your hands. If you need to get consistent results, here are some essential things to note while using the cuticle oil.

Always Remove Nail Polish Before Applying the Cuticle Oil

Once you have decided to use the oil for cuticle therapy, it is important to remove nail polish so as to ensure its maximum absorption into the skin.

Besides this, ensure that the area of application is clean and dry.

After drying your hands, shake the bottle containing the cuticle oil a few times. Lay one of your hands down flat on a clean towel with your nails facing up.


Using a brush, apply the oil all over you nail and the cuticle area. Once the brush is dry, dip it back into the bottle of the oil, and then proceed to apply. The same process should be repeated on your other hand.

Once you are through with this step, you need to massage the oil into your skin and cuticles around your nail bed. Any excess oil remaining should be wiped off using a paper towel

For consistency, reapply cuticle oil on your nails every night before you go to bed. Follow the above simple steps carefully and be sure of the best nail care.

A Word of Caution

If you need to apply some paint on the nails afterwards, you may have to wait for a couple of hours before doing so. The reason for this is that the cream will prevent the paint from sticking.

Wash your hands well before painting your hands.

Cuticle oil benefits

Your nails are put through several tasks in a day, and thus you are likely to damage them. You can, however, shield them from potential damage by ensuring that both your cuticles and nails are kept moisturized, and this is achieved by use of cuticle oil.

The cuticle cream protects new cells that come up from the nail’s base.  Damaged or dry cuticles provide openings through which bacteria and fungi can enter your body.  Application of this cream prevents dryness thus minimizing the chances of your nails getting infected.

Your overall appearance will also be affected by dry cuticles. Thus, keeping your cuticles soft and moisturized is a much better cuticle aesthetic than trimming those using scissors.

Having known the procedure of applying cuticle cream on your fingers and its protective benefits, a daily application will ensure that the skin around your hands will remain tender and good to look at. Everyone likes looking good – it feels incredible.

4 Aug

Best Ways of Using Cuticle Oil

Professionals always advise the application of oil on your cuticles at least once between manicures. Have you ever wondered why? Well, if your guess is to moisturize the cuticles, you’re right. However, there is more to the procedure – it also helps to keep your fingernails healthy.

The oil does this by preventing chipping. Other than that, cuticle oil refreshes the old manicure and leaves the fingers feeling awesome.

Now that you have seen the benefits of this ointment, here is a short overview of when and how to apply it to your fingers for best results.

Use a Dropper

If you usually get your cuticles oiled at a salon, be sure to get the manicurist to use a dropper or a cuticle oil pen for application. The reason for this is simple – with these modes of application, you can be sure that the oil has not been used on someone else’s skin. This can prevent infections and also put you at ease. Besides, you can easily get your personal cuticle pen or dropper. With this, you can apply the oil anywhere. In this case, always bring a small brush along as well.

Get a Cuticle Oil Type That Works For You

Cuticle oil comes in all types – due to the difference in their ingredients and the proportions of these ingredients. You cannot, for example, begin to compare apricot cuticle oil with others. The problem is that what works for someone else will probably not work for you. So, when do you know that you have stumbled upon the best moisturizing oil for your skin?

Before you try out a brand or type for the first time, it pays to apply it somewhere – invisible, like the cuticle of your left pinky – and let it sit for a few hours. If it saturates the cuticle and the surrounding skin and stays around for a while, it is a good one. A quality moisturizer will also make the dry skin disappear on the first application – to be replaced by a skin that is healthy and smooth.

Apply the Oil the Right Way

How do you usually apply the oil to your fingers? Do you just smear it all over the fingers? If this describes your situation, consider using an alternative approach – it may take five more minutes, but it is totally worth it.

First, wash your hands and dry them well. Use some soap to remove grease and other gunk that has accumulated on the ends of your fingers. Next, treat your fingers to a mini massage – quite literally. Tenderly push back the skin around the fingernails to allow them to absorb the oil and get the vital ingredients within it.

After Doing Laundry

For some people, handling harsh soaps can break the skin of their cuticles. If your skin is sensitive to some detergents, be sure to wash hands, especially the space between fingers, thoroughly after doing the laundry. Afterward, apply the cuticle oil generously on the fingers. This should do the trick of preventing broken skin.

A Closing Note

For best results, be consistent in keeping your fingers moisturized. Read more here.